Saturday, March 15, 2014

Rome Pizza & Sub Food Review

Hamburger with French Fries

I wanted to give another chance; so I keyed in an order for Rome Pizza & Sub earlier tonight, and waited with bated breath. Rome P&S took over the corner of Wisconsin Ave. & Fessenden St., NW from Armand's Chicago Pizzeria... former home to the best pizza window ever in the District. For whatever reason (Pete's New Haven Style Apizza just happens to be right across the street) I haven't had a chance to try Rome Pizza & Sub... until tonight.

As in previous tries, ordering via was super easy. Even better, it took only 43 minutes from the time I hit SUBMIT ORDER, to the moment the driver arrived at my door. Better still (sense a trend?) I had a $7 Promotion Code that brought my total amount due down from $21.53 to $14.53! What does almost $15 get ya at Rome P&S? A Small (10") Pizza with Italian Sausage ($7.50 + $.99 for sausage) a Hamburger with French Fries (only $6.25) and a can of Sunkist Orange soda $.91.) That's one heck of a deal!

Cheese Pizza with Italian Sausage

Rome P&S charges a paltry $1.50 delivery fee, and provides room for a tip (20% = $3.13) to make it that much easier. When my food arrived, I was happy to find everything in order (including my Special Instructions for the burger.) Rome Pizza & Sub gets an A for following directions. Both the burger and pizza were nice & hot; and the can of soda ice cold.

My burger was cooked WELL-DONE (I requested MEDIUM-WELL... close enough) and well-adorned with lettuce, tomatoes and onions. The bun was nice & big (even grilled on the inside) but make no mistake... the beef patty comes straight from a bag (frozen.) Taste is OK at best, but the fries were downright sensational. At $6.25, you can hardly ask for more.

The pizza on the other hand, left something to be desired. It's a good size, and you get plenty of cheese & sausage. Unfortunately, the crust is thicker (and doughier) than most. The cheese had a strong, unpleasant scent... enough for me to close the box after each slice. Good enough to feed the kids after school, but that's about all. Once again, a really good deal at just under $8.50... just not Armand's.

Tonight's dinner renewed my faith in It really does depend on who you order from. Rome P&S actually fares better than I thought they would, especially with the great prices (and discount!)

Burger: C (It's not the best quality meat, but still worth finishing.)
Delivery: A (Downright speedy & easy to order. Delivered straight to my front door too!)
Fries: B (Twice-fried and tasty. Nice surprise.)
Pizza: D (Wish I could say it was better...)
Value: B+ (Even without the extra $7 off... a great deal.)
Overall: B- (The food isn't great, but color me impressed with delivery and value.)