Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Port of Piraeus Breakfast Review

Two Eggs Any Style

Location, location, location! It's not exactly Greece; but Port of Piraeus sits right across the street from McPherson Square, and the area's many hungry office workers. As far as DC delis go, PoP definitely looks the part... better than most, in fact. Great customer service too, but today's late AM breakfast failed to complete the trifecta. Two out of three ain't bad, and I'd definitely come back; but is it really that hard to make a good breakfast?

I arrived about 10:10 AM, and PoP was almost empty (one other customer.) If you've ever been here at lunch, you know how busy it can get; so having the whole place to myself was akin to a treat. I asked if they were still serving breakfast, and they were only too happy to say yes. I placed an order with an equally friendly cook for Two Eggs Any Style - eggs scrambled, with bacon, home fries and toast ($5.99.) The menu in front says turkey sausage (not bacon) and $.50 less; but it's possible I read the back menu incorrectly. Perhaps I was distracted by the nearby display of fresh baked goods, including Greek macaroons? My eyes have been known to wander.

Comes with toast!

I only had to wait a few minutes for my food, served in a styrofoam container with toast wrapped in foil (make sure to ask for butter or jam.) I exchanged greetings with a manager/owner on my way to the cash register (the service here is truly top notch) and took my food to a front table. I had to double back to ask for butter (once again, no problem... the cook went and got it for me) which turned out to be ice cold... something I was about to find again (much to my chagrin.)

Breakfast didn't exactly bowl me over... Three pieces of bacon (generous) were only half-cooked, and the eggs over-cooked. Worst of all, the home fried potatoes were literally ice cold, mixed together with a wonderful blend of onions, green & red peppers. Thick, cold potatoes = gross. I managed to swallow two cubes, before leaving the rest (disappointment.) Undercooked bacon is a big no-no as well, but at least the eggs were OK. Applying cold (hard) butter to toast with a plastic knife is a chore. Even the two slices of toast appeared to be prepared differently (one crisp, one soft.) Strange.

Problem is, it's hard to complain when surrounded by great management. I noticed the manager/owner (coat on, he was headed out) sorting the front area out (straightening tables, tossing newspapers) then stopping to ask if I was having a good meal and if I'd like a cup of coffee. Bless his heart. I was in a rush to leave, otherwise I'd have told him about the food. Odds are, he would have gone back and made me another one himself.

I'm all about second chances, and PoP's Carving Sandwiches have me drooling in anticipation already. With great service (as well as a solid reputation) I'm sure today's shortcomings were an exception to, rather than the rule. I'll be sure to report back.