Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Besta Pizza Food Review

12" Medium Sausage Pizza

Some nights are best spent at home... even better without the added hassle of cooking. Enter Seamless.com and their $7 off your first order savings code to the rescue. Tonight's savings was put towards an ambitious order at Besta Pizza. Ambitious, since it's actually two dinners... for one person.

Delivery time was estimated between 30-45 minutes, and my order arrived exactly at minute #45. Besta Pizza is a good two miles away, and the driver couldn't have been nicer or more professional. As I said before, my order was ambitious... A 12" Medium Sausage Pizza (regularly $11.38) an 8" Hamburger Sub ($5.99) and a side order of Seasoned Potato Wedges ($2.99.) Seamless allows you to prepay everything (including a $3 tip) so the driver can literally "handoff" your order at the door. After tax, tip and discount, my total came to $18.40... not bad for a couple of dinners.

8" Hamburger Sub

As for food quality, that's another story. My burger sub was OK: The sub roll was good, and it appeared to hold a ½ lb. burger (cut in half, one per side of bread.) Toppings were standard, but far from fresh. The meat itself was nothing fancy (AKA frozen patty) and it did little more than fill me. The pizza was equal parts pedestrian and forgettable. It had thick crust (thin crust costs $1 extra... less crust, more money?) and bland toppings (cheese, sauce, sausage all blah.) I was hard pressed to finish half. Leftovers? I didn't want to waste the aluminum foil to wrap the rest for later. That should tell you something, no?

Seasoned Potato Wedges

On the positive side, the seasoned wedges were darn tasty (although they were getting cold.) I wish more restaurants served wedges vs. their skinny shoestring brethren. For three bucks, you get enough to feed two (so A for value... at least for this item anyhow.) Not enough to save the entire meal, mind you; but worth a smile or two while they lasted (not long.)

I've had Besta Pizza before (they offer good carryout deals) and the food was better. Delivery has the same (time) disadvantages, but subpar pizza = subpar pizza, no matter how you slice it. The burger was edible, little more; and the fries were, like I said... pretty good. Would I order it again? Probably not. I'd rather take that same $20 and buy less (but better) food somewhere else. Is it terrible? Perhaps the pizza.

Atmosphere: N/A
Burger: C- (A notch below average.)
Fries: B (Seasoned wedges save this order from a total wash.)
Pizza: D- (Not quite Papa John's, but close.)
Crust: F (Pretty awful.)
Value: C
Overall: C- (It's a lot of food... just not good food.)