Thursday, February 6, 2014

Carvings Food Review

George Washington University has its fair share of dining options: It is, after all... a city campus. Carvings at 2021 F Street, is your definitive college eatery/hole-in-the-wall/hangout. I wouldn't make a special trip to go there; but once you're there, it's not so bad.

Not so bad? Yes, that's about as high as I can go with "kind words." Carvings closer resembles a convenience store than a cafe/deli; but they still have a variable menu with tasty sounding options. I went with their G1 Cowboy combo (burger, fries and a fountain drink, $9.12 after tax.) It comes with cheese and bacon, in addition to lettuce & tomato; so score points for value.

Service is super quick; which is good, since you wouldn't want to spend too much time inside. There are several tables in the front (tight quarters) with an ATM machine front and center, next to the soda fountain. Clean? That's not the first word that leaps to mind.

Food quality is so-so. Fries... yuck. Mine were greasy, and I'm guessing the cooking oil doesn't get changed all that often. The burger was pedestrian (at least the meat, which is a standard frozen patty) but I was impressed with the quality of the bun and toppings. If you live/work nearby, you could do worse. Convenience is a valuable commodity in this town; but I'd take the time to walk an extra block or two for better food.

Atmosphere: D- (I wouldn't want to get caught dead here.)
Burger: C (Bacon & a good bun improve this to average.)
Fries: D (Greasy... Get plenty of ketchup.)
Service: B (Pretty darn fast, and friendly enough.)
Value: B- (Just over $9 isn't bad, especially around here.)
Overall: C- (Perhaps if I were back in school, but I'm not.)