Monday, February 17, 2014

Bare Fruit Apple Chips Review

Three Apples in Every Bag

An apple a day keeps the doctor away... Sound advice, but for snackers? Why not, especially with the advent of Bare Fruit snackspackaged All-Natural Apple Chips? No additives, extra sugar or preservatives. Each 1.69 oz. bag also comes packed with 6-8 grams of Dietary Fiber, zero fat and 200 calories or less. It may even be enough to give aforementioned snackers the confidence to strut into their next annual physical.

Don't drop those dumbbells just yet: Bare Fruits chips are merely one component to combat the urge to eat badly. Still, it's a start. The All-Natural Apple Chips are available in five flavors with an additional trio of Organic Apple Chips as well as Apricot & Mango varieties of Organic Dried Fruit. We got our collective paws on the former, and came away with the following first impressions...

Chile Lime: I admit, these took me a bit off guard. I was expecting spicy chili and tart lime; but found little of both. What I did get was the now familiar sweet taste of apple, but my hopes for something more savory were dashed. Two grams less of fiber, and the most ingredients of all five flavors (apples, spices, salt, cane sugar, citric acid, lime juice powder and natural flavors.) Still tasty, but I prefer the fewer ingredients of similar tasting Fuji Red and Granny Apple.

Grade: B-

Chili Lime

Cinnamon: Who doesn't love applesauce with sprinkle of cinnamon? These are crunchier of course, but the taste profile is similar. A great compromise, if Sea Salt Caramel is too sweet for ya... and only two ingredients (Apple, Cinnamon.)

Grade: B+


Fuji Red: I like these a shade more than Granny Smith - which makes sense, since I prefer red apples over green. Only one ingredient (Fuji Apples) and they taste great mixed with yogurt (try Greek... no use adding more sugar, right?) Hide 'em in your pantry too: Best By dates are almost a year away... Try that with the apples you picked up at the Orchard.

Grade: B

Fuji Red

Granny Smith: Straight forward in taste, Granny Smith's visibly distinctive green skin is reassuring as it is tasty. Not as sweet as Sea Salt Caramel or spicy as Chili Lime, these make a great first try. Best of all, check out the full list of ingredients: Granny Smith Apples... That's it.

Grade: B

Granny Smith

Sea Salt Caramel: Variety is the spice of life; but how do you argue with sweet and salty? Not me, and despite the addition of a few extra ingredients (apples, organic cane sugar, organic flavors and sea salt) I had a hard time putting this bag down. I tasted more syrup than caramel; but sweet is sweet, and it makes a most welcome addition. Definitely my favorite.

Grade: B+

Sea Salt Caramel

Bare Fruit snacks are available at Whole Food Markets, and online via Amazon, and Bare Fruit directly (click here to see a full list of retailers.) Same crunch as potato chips... without all the guilt, fat and salt.