Thursday, January 30, 2014

Burrito Battles: Lime Fresh Mexican Grill

Monday All-Day Burrito Bundle
I'm not sure why Lime Fresh Mexican Grill set up shop literally next door to California Tortilla on busy Seventh Street across from Verizon Center; but one thing's for sure, they deserve to be there. Following in the rich tradition of Moe's Southwest Grill (boy, there's a lot of competition, isn't there?) Lime offers the Monday All-Day Burrito Bundle for the low, low price of $5.99. For a budget conscious diner, that's a mighty tempting offer... especially if your alternative is eating at Verizon.

What does six bucks get you in the heart of Penn Quarter? Try your choice of full-sized burrito, chips, salsa, queso and a refillable soda.) Now that I have your attention... Lime's menu is downright confusing (thank God it was Monday) and the cashier couldn't have been less helpful. Forgive me for assuming Lime was like the other dozen or so burrito shops in town. How am I supposed to know what types of fillings & sauces you have? Even after explaining that this was my first time here, she didn't lift a finger to help me. Thanks.

Lucky for me, my order was pretty simple: I asked for chicken, salsa & rice (in a burrito.) Even that seemed to annoy her. Thankfully, I received a hearty greeting from another employee in the back (by the kitchen, assembling orders) and all was well again. Lime has a convenient salsa bar by the soda machine, with several choices (go with Asada... nice kick.) I took a table by the front window; and minutes later, the same nice employee came up to ask me if I wanted my Queso in the burrito or outside. I specifically asked for no cheese earlier, but the heads up averted a mini-disaster. Nice catch.

Another minute or two passed by, and my tray of food arrived. Great size burrito, properly assembled and full of crispy chicken. Chips were wonderful, but few in number: Make sure to order more... and take full advantage of the salsa bar. BTW, I almost forgot... the cashier did something right. She asked if I wanted jalapeƱo peppers. Not sure why (temporary moment of niceness?) but I jumped on the opportunity, and am I glad I did. Nice & crunchy, they deliver an added pop, that brings the burrito to another level. Nice add.

The atmosphere here is lively (7th Street is not where you go to hide out.) The space is well-utilized, and everything is nice & clean. You don't even have to dispose of your food tray (they do it for you.) Service is clearly hit or miss (I found both good and bad during a 20-minute visit) but overall, a nice addition to the area... especially if you're on a budget.