Saturday, December 21, 2013

Newton's Noodles Breakfast Review

Build Your Own Scramble with Bacon & Potatoes

A case of too much, too soon? Newton's Noodles opened its doors for business three months ago; and recently added breakfast to its culinary lineup, Monday through Friday, 7-10:00 AM. It's not advertised on their website yet; and judging by my meal... probably shouldn't be, until the (many) kinks are worked out.

I had high hopes after walking in. It's clean and spacious inside (like Roti Mediterranean Grill) but dark... too dark. If not for two customers inside, I would have thought it was closed for business. Service got off to a great start: One associate assembled my omelette ingredients for my Build Your Own Scramble ($2.99) and took my order for a side of bacon & potatoes ($1.50 each.) From there, a friendly cashier took over and offered me a complimentary cup of coffee (nice!) So far, everything was coming up roses.

That's when the thorns appeared, as I got to witness the cook arguing with the guy who took my order. She (the cook) was visibly angry with her co-worker about my order... shouting at him over what turned out to be her mistake. Here's the deal: Employee #1 puts ingredients into a stainless steel bowl, hands them to the cook, and she puts them in an omelette. Seems simple enough, but evidently not to her. It wasn't a heated argument, mind you... but unprofessional, and done in full view of three customers.

I poured my coffee, and took a seat. Before embarking on a 13+ minute wait, I was "treated" to a floor-washing show... complete with copious amounts of bleach. It literally blows my mind, how any place of business can bleach its floors while open. Just in case you didn't know: Bleach + eating food = disgusting.

Once my food finally arrived, disgusting turned into disappointment. Three strips of bacon were greasy and tasted underdone. The potatoes were surprisingly delectable... perfect and crispy. Unfortunately, my omelette was ruined, as the aforementioned cook added cheese (a lot) to it, despite my specific instructions against it. Duh. All that arguing, and she still managed to muck it up. "Congratulations." I left the omelette basically untouched: What a waste of eggs, red peppers and tomatoes.

With the strong scent of bleach in the air, all I could think about was getting the heck out of there; when the unthinkable occurred. The chef cook came to my table, and (confidently) asked me how my meal was. I politely told her I had asked for no cheese, and that I couldn't eat it. Her reply? "I thought it (order) said cheese," then strolled back to her kitchen, without uttering another word. No apology, or even a half-hearted offer to remake it. Why come out at all?

Experiences like this spell doom for a new restaurant. Why would I come back for lunch or dinner? Let's hope CEO & Executive Chef Dennis Friedman takes notice, and makes some much needed changes. Until then, stay clear.