Saturday, December 21, 2013

Chads Food Review

Hot Turkey Sandwich

Name confusion aside, Chads (Chadwicks) remains one of Friendship Height's best (albeit dated) lunch options. Yesterday's meal was no exception, as I took advantage of their tasty and affordable Super Deal... A Hot Turkey Sandwich with free fountain drink for just $8.50 (dine-in only.)

The restaurant hasn't changed much (at all) in decades; but I find that somewhat comforting in today's "look cool first" dining scene. Chads is a saloon with a long bar, comfy booths in the back, and a pair of verandas... when you want a bit of sunlight in your vicinity. Their food selection is far from fancy, but good enough for a quick lunch. Comfort food gets a bad rap nowadays... It shouldn't.

Service was attentive, professional and quick: Chads isn't the type of place where you have to look around for a server, or wait on a drink refill. Food arrived promptly, and looked as advertised. An open face turkey sandwich, atop mashed potatoes doesn't make for a colorful palette; but that's what I ordered. Cranberry sauce adds a dash of color, but looks cheap inside a small plastic container. My mash was cold and didn't have much garlic flavor; but I gobbled it up, all the same. There was plenty of turkey, but it was on the cold side as well. Still, said turkey tasted fresh and delicious under a coating of zesty gravy.

You can't beat the price (most diners charge more, and offer less) and the staff certainly know how to make you feel welcome. I don't come here for surprises, I come for familiarity... and Chads/Chadwicks never lets me down in that regard.