Sunday, November 24, 2013

Popchips Review

What's Poppin'?

I love potato chips; but they don't exactly ooze healthiness. Enter Popchips, the answer to my (and chip lovers everywhere) prayers. Imagine a crispy chip, that's not baked or fried... but rather popped. Toss in a dose of deliciousness, with a splash of fiber and potassium; and you have my new go-to chip... and possibly (hopefully?) yours.

Popchips was founded in 2007 out of San Francisco; and in less than four years, became the fastest growing chip in the United States! Best of all, since they're made without preservatives or lots of oil and MSG... they stay fresh in an unopened bag for up to a year (at least.)

Before I dive into the chips, I'd be remiss if I didn't provide the snackers’ credo...

we, the snackers of the world, raising our right hands out of the chip bag, do
solemnly pledge to engage in more recreational eating; to double-dip into
the onion dip as necessary; to throw more popcorn in the air to catch in our
mouths; and to spoil our dinners on a regular basis.

• snacking is good and should be encouraged.
• good eating should occasionally be no more difficult than opening a bag.
• there are few woes a snack won’t cure. or at least make better.
• a snack can do without fat content, but it can never do with out flavor content.
• if it doesn’t taste good, it isn’t a snack.
• you’re allowed to eat the whole bag.

If that isn't an invitation to snack your heart off, I don't know what is.

As for the chips...

Barbecue: I fell in "heavy like" with Thai Chili, but Barbecue out-pops its spicy counterpart with a rich, tangy flavor that rivals regular chips. No guilt and great taste makes this the chip for snack time.

Grade: B+


Chili Lime: Spicy sour (chili and tart lime) marries well with Popchips' unrivaled crunch in this welcome addition to the Pop family of chips. You have to be bold, when matching flavors with popped chips, and Popchips doesn't disappoint. Eat 'em fast, and you might miss the quiet burn forming in your mouth... but it's comin'.

Grade: B

Chili Lime

Katy's Kettle Corn: Love the texture; but these taste odd. Kettle Corn isn't a great flavor to start with; so Popchips had its work cut out for them. You get an extra gram of fiber, but 30 more calories... I'll stick with the potato variety: Thank you very much.

Grade: D

Katy's Kettle Corn

Original: A tad plain, there's no hiding a near perfect texture that rings silent in public (quiet crunch.) 220 mg of hypertension-busting potassium doesn't hurt either. Easy to find, and a slam dunk next to a turkey sandwich.

Grade: B


Sea Salt & Vinegar: I usually don't order salt & vinegar chips; but that might change, now that I've tried Popchips' version. There's only a hint of vinegar, and they may be the saltiest of the lot. For what it's worth, my friend loved 'em: I even had to pop open another bag. Great choice if you don't want to be overwhelmed with flavor (Barbecue, JalapeƱo.)

Grade: B

Sea Salt & Vinegar

Sour Cream & Onion: They look good, don't they? If you like onion, you're in luck; although I didn't taste much sour cream. I'd be worried about my breath after (Mom always told me not to have onions for lunch) but that's what breath mints are for, right? A perfect compliment to a steak & onion sandwich: Just don't tell Mom.

Grade: B-

Sour Cream & Onion

Popchips are available at Safeway, Target, Whole Foods and just about everywhere else. Click here to find a retailer closest to you.