Tuesday, November 26, 2013

New Orleans Po Boy Shop Food Review

Mention Po' Boys, and I immediately think about fried oysters or shrimp with rĂ©moulade, inside a crusty roll... Not necessarily breakfastNew Orleans Po Boy Shop, just south of Dupont Circle thankfully thinks ahead; and offers beignets, fried three at-a-time and covered in powdered sugar. If you're fond of doughnuts and haven't tried beignets... you may never visit nearby Krispy Kreme again.

Visiting in the morning (about 9:30) is a much different experience than at lunch time: For one thing, Po Boy Shop isn't packed. In fact, I had to (cough) make myself known in order to get the cashier's attention (iPads + restaurant workers = bad combination.) Don't expect any apologies; but do expect a smartly packaged trio of fried goodness (with three humble pieces of bacon in between, for an extra charge.) All together, $8.25 (five bucks for the beignets.) The service improved dramatically once my order was called, and I received a hearty farewell also.

Beignets with Bacon

The space is very French Quarter... with lots of nooks & crannies, and interesting artwork throughout. There are a few seats inside; and I chose a small table to take a photo and quickly devour one of the piping hot beignets. Wow! The exterior is unrivaled, perfectly cooked and crisp (almost crunchy.) Meanwhile, the interior was a little doughy, and almost bitter in spots. A few dips in the powdered sugar fixed that; but I'd love to see a fruit filling. Bacon seemed to be an afterthought, but a nice taste alongside the sweetness of the fritters.

Be aware: Beignets are filling... but they taste almost as good, a few hours later. New Orleans Po Boy Shop also sells fresh muffins (only $2) and occasional specials (today's... French Toast with fresh fruit.) I'll be back to review a Po' Boy; but for now, I'll settle for the sweetest breakfast treat in town.