Monday, November 25, 2013

Bub and Pop's Food Review

Mom-and-pop operations are few and far between in the nation's capital. Bub and Pop's opened earlier this year in the suddenly sammie-rich Golden Triangle; and after just one visit, I can safely say... it's the real deal (right down to the mom-and-pop-and-son.)

The son is chef Jon Taub, and he certainly knows his way around a kitchen. Best of all, Mae and Irv Wagner (AKA Bub and Pop) run the rest of the show with unrivaled charm & hospitality, the kind you'd expect (long for) while visiting someone's home. It's a cozy spot, down a few steps on busy M Street. The food is inexpensive, tasty and (perhaps most importantly) authentic.

Pop's Beef Brisket

It starts with a bag of housemade Kettle-Cooked Potato Chips, salt & pepper in flavor and lots of 'em for a paltry two bucks. They're crunchy, not-oily-at-all and perfectly seasoned (not too much salt, not too much pepper.) There's enough to split across two (maybe even three) lunches.

Kettle-Cooked Potato Chips

Sandwiches are close behind, especially Pop’s Beef Brisket (½ order $8.) Slow-braised beef brisket, apple-horseradish cream, 5-year-aged gouda cheese, and a scrumptious veal jus (sans the cheese, of course.) The brisket is divine (nice and tender) and the roll, warm & fresh. My only complaint (and that's a stretch) I wished for more of the horseradish. Cheese keeps it moist; but the au jus provided plenty for me. Bub and Pop's also supplies cans of Dr. Brown's Cream Soda ($1.50) instead of plain 'ol Coke and Pepsi. FYI: They even brew their own iced tea! I wasn't too hungry this morning; but next time, I might spend the extra $6 and go for a full-size.

Giardinera Pickles

Last but not least, Bub and Pop's goes above and beyond with A-mazing pickles (only $2... almost everything's affordable here.) The Giardinera (cauliflowers, celery, red peppers and spicy carrots) makes the perfect "spicy" combination... so much so, I have to ask if they sell jars of it next time.

Size notwithstanding (it seats about 30) Bub and Pop's is close to perfect for everyday lunching. It's affordable, welcoming (imagine how nice they'll be, when they get to really know you) with an ever-changing menu of really, really tasty food. In a city full of fancy, corporate-run eateries, it's nice to come home for a change.