Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Best (and Worst) Egg Nog

Egg-ceptional Egg Nog

November and December means the holidays for most; and egg nog for yours truly. Cream, eggs and sugar... What's not to love? Perhaps the calories? I won't bore you with figures (400+ calories, 22+ grams of fat per 8 oz. serving) but suffice it to say, it's not the nutritional equal to a glass of V8. That said, keep it to a glass; and use the following recommendations, when possible.

Horizon Organic Lowfat Eggnog: Great price (32 oz. for $2.49, on sale at Giant Food) but so-so taste at best. Perhaps it's due to a relatively healthy (by comparison) 140 calories & 40mg cholesterol per 1/2 cup serving. Sweeter than most, and our least favorite... solely for the health-conscious few, who long for egg nog.

Grade: C-

Horizon Organic Lowfat Eggnog

Lehigh Valley Egg Nog: No complaints for this Pennsylvania distributor, found in 7-Eleven and CVS. Nothing special either. Just good, solid egg nog. Sold in Chugs (14 oz.) for $2.19; At least I didn't have to buy a full quart to test.

Grade: C (There's nothing wrong with average.)

Lehigh Valley Egg Nog

Lucerne Light Eggnog: Safeway's house brand, Lucerne has made my favorite eggnog for decades. 'Twas a time, I wouldn't drink any other; but I've noticed a slight dip in quality this year and last. I switched to Light a few years ago, and could barely notice a difference... but the same can't be said of late. It's light in calories (120 for 4 oz.) but also color, and lacks its former creamy taste. A half-gallon sets you back only $3.99; but stick to the regular.

Grade: B-

Lucerne Light Eggnog

Promised Land Holiday Nog: All natural, and darn affordable (32 oz. for $3.99 at Whole Foods) this nog tastes best chilled. Only Jersey cattle milk (high butterfat content) is used; and it tastes pretty good, although not as thick as others. Perfect if you want to add something naughty (rum, vodka.)

Grade: C+ (Great price, OK flavor.)

Promised Land Holiday Nog

Southern Comfort Traditional Egg Nog: Leave it to Southern Comfort to make a non-alcoholic egg nog, that tastes of alcohol. Actually, it's just a lively kick to the creamiest nog we've come across yet. $3.49 for a quart at Giant Food. Yum.

Grade: B

Southern Comfort Traditional Egg Nog

Trader Joe's Light Egg Nog: Sure it's healthy (110 calories, 75mg sodium per 1/2 cup) but at what cost? Technically $2.69 for a quart (nice) but I was referring to its terrible taste. It looks and tastes watered down, with a spike of awfulness at the end. Who knew egg nog could be this awful?

Grade: F

Trader Joe's Light Egg Nog

Turkey Hill Egg Nog: Kudos for small packaging (16 fl. oz.) and an above-average taste. Richer than most, I'd prefer more of an egg flavor; but I gulped it down, all the same. As an added treat, Turkey Hill makes a tasty Egg Nog Ice Cream with rum flavor. Happy holidays.

Grade: B-

Turkey Hill Egg Nog