Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Luciano Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria Food Review

Luciano Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria has a really good reputation, and a choice location at Tysons Corner Center. I was tempted to try a full-service lunch; but opted for a shortcut slice and a drink from their convenient carry-out window. Total $5.98 ($3.89 for a slice of pepperoni.) I walked away with a few positives, but ultimately an average impression.

Service was friendly, and my pizza was presented piping hot from the oven. At just after 1:30 PM, I had four choices; and pepperoni seemed the safest bet. There's plenty of nearby seating, as the restaurant is tucked away in a quiet corner by Lord & Taylor. The crust was tasty, but by no means crispy... Far from it. Cheese was gooey and delicious (incredible actually) and the sauce better than average. Six pieces of mild pepperoni left me wanting, and the slice was difficult to handle (it almost fell apart in my hand.)

$3.89 is a bit much for a single slice of pizza, and great cheese isn't enough to overlook an otherwise average product. The cheese alone does however, guarantee a repeat visit... this time, to try a full pie in-house. For the time being however...

Atmosphere: B- (Restaurant is old-fashioned, yet sorta homey. Quiet corner was actually a nice spot to eat a quick bite.)
Service: B- (Courteous and quick. No complaints.)
Crust: C- (Good flavor, but too flimsy and not crispy enough for me.)
Toppings: B (Great cheese, lackluster pepperoni.)
Value: C- (Almost a dollar more than it should be.)
Overall: C+ (Dynamite cheese does not a great slice make.)