Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Elevation Burger Food Review

Elevation Burger & Fresh Fries

The order taker at Tysons Corner's Elevation Burger really wanted me to take one of their loyalty cards (seven patties = 1 kid's burger, 14 patties = 1 Elevation Burger) and tried to sell me on their close proximity to DC. Arlington, Hyattsville, Vienna... He even insisted they had a shop in DC (close to Georgetown, he said.) Well, there's no shop in DC (dumb me: they actually do have one at Georgetown University) and Hyattsville isn't my idea of "around the corner," but I took the card... just in case. Elevation Burger has a few things going for it... even if that doesn't include their hamburger.

I already had a title made-up for this review... just in case I liked/loved it. "Elevate Me Here," a play on words from U2's 2000 hit Elevation. Sadly, they'll need to elevate their burger to greater heights, if they want to win this critic over. The space itself is clean and inviting; although the order process takes a long time (longer than any of its competition, in fact.) Everything is read back to you (yes, each topping) and while it helps avoid mistakes, I couldn't help but notice a slow line get longer and longer. Price is fair, and in line with others. An Elevation Burger (two organic beef patties with Elevation Sauce, tomatoes and raw onions) sets you back $5.99... with Fresh Fries, an additional $2.89 ($2.19 for a fountain drink.) Add 'em up, and we're talkin' $11.73 (including tax.)

Order up!

Service was friendly and informative; and food is delivered straight to your table (pretty quickly.) Burgers are smartly wrapped in wax paper (inside a blue pouch) while thin-cut fries (cooked in olive oil) literally overflow onto your tray. The fries were a hit, although very greasy. Olive oil may be healthier, but oily means oily. The burger was distinctive and a bit messy... but tasted completely different to any other burger I've tried in a long while. I realize it's organic, but the taste takes more than one try to get used to. To be frank, each bite got a little better; so the potential is there.

Kudos for a nice layout, and bonus points for having a Coca-Cola Freestyle dispenser. Not entirely what I hoped for, but I'm more than willing to give it another try (especially since I have that hard-earned loyalty card in hand.)

Atmosphere: B (Very clean, and plenty of space between tables.)
Burger: C- (New taste takes some getting used-to.)
Fries: B (Greasy, but olive oil makes a welcome change.)
Service: B- (Have to admire their passion; but slow-moving lines concern me.)
Value: C+
Overall: B- (Perhaps build-up was too much: Must try again.)