Sunday, October 6, 2013

Bolt Burgers Coming to DC

From our friends at Bolt Burgers...

The nationʼs capital area will soon be home to a brand new concept in the all-American classic. Bolt Burgers is narrowing the search for a suitable high traffic site for their first fast casual restaurant, where they will serve burgers and fries that deliver unique, high impact flavors to satisfy Washingtonʼs sophisticated palates.

Bolt is the brainchild of a consortium of area eye doctors, led by Michael Davidson, O.D, himself an experienced retail entrepreneur. The consortium joined forces with Restaurant Consultants, Inc., led by Joe Spinelli, a veteran with over 40 years in the Washington, DC restaurant business. No stranger to fast casual restaurant concepts, the team realized the “better burger” market represented a great opportunity. While the “better burger” restaurant category has been growing rapidly, Americansʼ appetite for true high quality burgers is still spiraling upward. But they needed a point of difference. Challenging the status quo, they chose to cross the “better burger” with another powerful food trend: high impact flavors.

Bolt Burgers is where sophisticated burger lovers will be able to kick back and enjoy flavors they canʼt get at any other fast casual burger restaurant—big, satisfying flavors beyond what you expect from a burger, fries and soft drink. The antithesis of quick serve burger joints, itʼs an experience worth savoring, from the hand formed patty of Boltʼs exclusive, extra juicy blend of Certified Angus Beef, to the toasted brioche bun, to the layers of flavor piled in between, including:

*    Spice Rubs, such as Toasted Peppercorn & Herb and Fiery Chili, Cumin & Paprika
*    Artisanal Cheeses, such as Local Virginia Goat Cheese, Truffle Pecorino and Smoked Gouda
*    Exclusive Sauces, such as Tomato & Sweet Basil and Habanero, Cilantro & Lime Mayo
*    Homemade Relishes, such as Black Bean, Corn & Vidalia Onion and Crunchy Asian Slaw

For those who hunger for something other than beef, Bolt will also offer:

*    Turkey Burgers
*    Marinated Chicken Breasts
*    Vegetarian Black Bean Burgers
*    Gourmet Grilled Cheese sandwiches made with Boltʼs artisanal cheeses.

While Boltʼs operations have been designed for maximum efficiency, utilizing the latest food service technology, diners will feel right at home. Itʼs a friendly place designed to please affluent diners who want more than a quick serve burger joint, donʼt want the hassle of a traditional sit down restaurant, and have a taste for something more satisfying than just another bacon cheeseburger. An open kitchen, beer and wine service and smoothie bar serving original concoctions, like smoothie mimosas, encourage diners to sit a while and enjoy more of what Bolt has to offer in its 2800 Square Foot units.

After achieving operational success at the first store, Bolt plans to open 2-3 stores in similarly positioned demographic areas of Washington, DC.