Monday, September 23, 2013

Washington Deli Food Review II

Washington Deli: Take Deux

I'm not one to keep my mouth shut, especially when it comes to food (hence this site.) Good or bad, I spare no feelings; and make few excuses. That said, it's not altogether fair to judge a business by how they perform at the end of the day. I reviewed Washington Deli a month ago, and came away less than impressed. I thought little of it (after all, there's always another restaurant around the corner) but came across a Tweet from Jim, the owner of Washington Deli. He basically apologized (class act) and offered to buy me a slice to make up for it (classy and generous... please go on.)

It took a week or two (so much food, only one mouth) but I found my way back... earlier, just after 1:00 PM. Jim wasn't there, but his wife was (actually Jim was there sorta... he was on the other end of the phone.) I explained my situation, and Debbie was nice enough to honor Jim's offer: She also asked if I wanted something to drink, but a free slice was generous enough. I took a peak at the inventory, and asked for a slice of sausage (which Debbie kindly corrected me, was meatball.) I asked her if it was good, she nodded and I said "Let's go for it."

One of the clerks behind the counter heated it up for me, and I took my slice outside to their sidewalk seating area. In case you're keeping score at home, total price... $FREE! I immediately noticed a few differences from my subpar slice last month. (1) It was bigger (it's not JUMBO, but it's pretty darn big) and (2) had a proper amount of toppings (including cheese and sauce.) The meatballs were killer good: So good, I'd love to buy 'em full size for my Sunday pasta dinner. I still prefer my crust crispier, but you can't beat Washington Deli's char. This is definitely a case of "second time's the charm."

FYI, this place gets busy at lunch; and the patio fills up fast with hungry locals. After meeting owners Jim & Debbie, I can see why they have such a good reputation. Here's to second chances!

Atmosphere: B- (What a difference a seat makes.)
Crust: B- (Still not crispy enough for me, but love that char.)
Toppings: B+ (Great meatballs, packed with flavor.)
Service: B+ (It began with a Tweet, and ended with a hearty smile.)
Value: A (It's only a free slice of pizza, but the gesture is worth double the price.)
Overall: B (Now I know what happened to all those positive reviews. Next up: Breakfast.)