Saturday, August 17, 2013

Peter's Carryout Food Review

1/2 lb. Hamburger Sub

Peter's Carryout lives up to its moniker, "They don't make places like this anymore." Especially in Bethesda. Peter's is one of those rare, cozy spots on 355 where everyone feels welcome. Given its rather small footprint (one long counter, a dozen stools) that's no small task... but then again, I'd never met Ned.

Ned is Peter's: Actually, Ned is Ned, the man in charge (Peter's gets it name from previous ownership) and someone you can't help but like from the word GO. Part chef de cuisine, part entertainer, Ned runs a tidy ship with wife Irene and their son. Work the grill? Check. Work the room? Check. Answer the phone. Check. Best of all, he's engaging: After placing my order, he joked about popping in my DVD (I forgot to mention, he's very observant... I had a Redbox game on the counter.) Smarter still, he served up a hot order of fries (with Old Bay!) before my Hamburger Sub arrived, instructing me to "Tear 'em up." Why wait, when you could be eating? At $2.65 for a large order, these fries are killer good.

Peter's French Fries with Old Bay seasoning

I didn't have to wait long for my burger sub, which arrived piping hot and stuffed with lettuce and tomatoes on a perfectly charred roll. Another good value at just $6.75, it may not win any contests; but it sure hits the spot. Besides, food's not the only thing on the menu at Peter's. There's also the Ned show. He chats up everybody, checking on me at least thrice; and coming to the rescue of a young couple in search of a late breakfast... 'My grill's full; but I can make you a breakfast sandwich,' then offering up a few suggestions to the appreciative pair. That's knowing your customer. Bravo.

I left satisfied and entertained: Peter's is the kind of place you want to come back to over and over again, which explains their loyal base of clients (almost all, repeat customers.) I'm already itching to come back (earlier, this time) and try their breakfast special: Maybe even tomorrow...

Atmosphere: B (A throwback, neighborhood joint.)
Burger: C+
Fries: B+ (Old Bay should be the default seasoning on all fries everywhere.)
Service: A (It's not called the Ned show for nothing.)
Value: B ($12.35 +$3 tip for a burger sub, fries and a Coke; but worth every penny, thanks to Ned.)
Overall: B (I'm sure breakfast will grade even higher.)