Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Cosi Food Review II

K.I.S.S. Keep it simple, stupid. Not all sandwiches have to be of the Dagwood variety. Take Cosi's Tandoori Chicken (bread, chicken, red peppers and vinaigrette... that's it.) So simple; yet so delicious. A steal at just $7.39 (with your choice of a bag of chips or baby carrots) it's served on Cosi's "to die for" signature flatbread... hands down, the best chain sandwich bread in the area. And it only gets better from there.

I don't think I've ever encountered poor service at any of Cosi's many DC locations; and tonight was no exception. I literally had 15 minutes to eat, before heading over to Regal Gallery Place for a movie screening: I left with time to spare. I placed an order with a very friendly order taker, who immediately prepared my sandwich inside of a minute. $10.32 (including $1.99 for a cookie) later and I was filling a complimentary cup with water, and sitting down to a wonderful dinner.

Cosi advertises its Tandoori Chicken as "All-natural grilled chicken with a blend of Eastern spices." After two bites, I can only assume they flew all the way over to India for fresh spices... My taste buds were immediately transported to the far East. Color me impressed. Speaking of color, the chicken took on a beautiful, strawberry hue from the vinaigrette and red peppers. Funny how Subway doesn't offer red peppers... or Quiznos either: It's a must on any sandwich I make at home.

The aforementioned bread completed the perfect sandwich unit. The only negative (and I'm reaching on this) could be that the sandwich isn't heated. That said, it's the best cold sandwich I've had in years. Toss in timely service, plenty of smiles and a clean, central location... and this is one sandwich worth making a trip for. Lucky for all of us, they have plenty of locations to choose from.