Monday, August 26, 2013

Changes Ahead for Uptown Tap House

That didn't take long... Cleveland Park's Uptown Tap House is temporarily closed, undergoing possible renovations as well as a change in management, menu, etc. I walked by last night; and noticed the gates shut, and a note on the front door. Uh-oh. According to the note (on an easy-to-see 8.5x11" sheet of copy paper) the owners have decided to heed guest feedback, switch management and overhaul the menu. They plan to reopen on September 3rd.

Forgive me if I sound skeptical, but isn't it odd that there's no mention of the closing (or renovations) on their website, Twitter or Facebook pages? It's been less than a year since Uptown Tap House's grand opening, and I honestly thought they were on to something. After a disastrous first visit last October, I returned in late May to discover a packed house and superb service on a carryout order. Word has it, that if changes are made... it will be towards a more "upscale" environment (whatever that means.) Am I the only one praying for an Outback Steakhouse? No word yet on existing gift cards, etc. Stay tuned for more info.

Notice on Side Door (Parking Lot)

P.S. According to someone on the Cleveland Park List Serv, there's a Craigslist post advertising for new servers. Sounds promising. Here's a link to the advertisement.

P.S.S. Just saw a food delivery go inside, and two guys painting by the front entrance. Good signs.