Saturday, July 20, 2013

Lynn Street Cafe Food Review

Morning Special

Microwave Mess

All-day breakfast got me in trouble earlier today, as I forked over $5.50 for a Morning Special at Lynn Street Cafe in Rosslyn, Virginia. Not bad trouble, mind you; but the kind that makes you regret ordering in the first place.

With a heat index of 100* just before 3:00 PM, I had to get something cold to drink. I popped into the Lynn Street Cafe, and noticed a sign advertising all-day breakfast. If you read DC Outlook with any kind of regularity, you know breakfast is one of my many culinary gives (as in "I give up; I'll eat it.")

I decided to double-up on lunch (I know, that's a bad idea) and ordered the Morning Special (Egg, Toast, Hash Brown & Choice of Ham, Bacon or Sausage.) I opted for wheat toast and bacon, and added a $.99 can of Canada Dry Ginger Ale to wash it down. Grand total with tax? $7.14. The owner/cashier/cook whipped up an egg in a plastic container and promptly dumped it into the microwave (yuck.) I decided to stop watching, and sat down. About two minutes later, I paid for my meal and tried to eat it.

The first thing you notice is the disc-shaped egg with the funny smell: No salt, and no taste whatsoever. Lynn Street Cafe's hash brown would be better served toasted instead of the nuker: One look, and you could clearly tell it was way undercooked... It was practically wet. The toast didn't fare much better: I can only assume the cost of butter has gone up, judging from the pitiful amount she smeared on it. Cheap, cheap, cheap. One surprise: Both strips of bacon were actually crispy... I didn't see that coming.

Hey, I'm not expecting miracles in a business district cafe; but places like Bagels Etc. seem to get it right (and for less cost.) Microwave cooking belongs at home, not in a so-called restaurant. Maybe I should have stuck with just a soda.