Monday, July 8, 2013

Hill Country Barbecue Food Review

Longhorn Brisket Chomp

King of the Barbecue Hill

Fresh off the euphoria of last month's National Capital Barbecue Battle, I strolled into Penn Quarter's Hill Country Barbecue with a certain Southern swagger. I'm sure it went unnoticed by Hill Country's trained professionals, used to seeing their fair share of real Southern barbecue lovers... but if my experience here is any indication, I'm about to become a barbecue junkie.

They don't open for lunch until 11:30, requiring a bit of a wait in the bar area; but once I sat down, it didn't take long to understand why so many folks call Hill's Country the best BBQ spot in DC. For starters, the space looks authentic - nice & spacious with a quasi-cafeteria style of service, it just feels right. My server was an absolute sweetheart, and the hostess made sure to give me a thorough Hill Country 101 ('Don't lose your meal ticket!')

Confetti Cole Slaw & Corn Bread

After ordering a Diet Pepsi, I went in the back to order the Longhorn Brisket Chomp (1/3 lb. lean brisket, any Good Eatin’ (8oz) Side and Cornbread) for $15, including my drink. 1/3 lb. isn't much, but when you taste it, you'd probably consider paying double. It's unbelievably delicious, albeit on the fatty side. For $2 more, you can ask for moist brisket, but the regular is mouth-watering good on its own. I chose Confetti Cole Slaw for my side, which was nice and creamy (perhaps a bit too creamy... there was quite a bit left in my cup after I finished it.) If I could change one thing, I'd consider adding a more popular option for hot sides (fries, regular mash) although their sweet potato bourbon mash looked plenty appetizing.

On to my favorite item at Hill Country... their magical skillet corn bread with ancho honey butter. I may not be Southern, but I know a thing or two about corn bread, and this stuff is G-O-O-D... as in BEST corn bread in town good. I swear I could eat a dozen of 'em without breaking a sweat (you get two with your order.) Customer service is terrific (at least from my server, it all depends on who you get) and little touches (sodas served in mason jars) make you feel right at home. Best of all, they offer an incredible deal on Monday nights... All you can eat brisket, pork spare ribs, market chicken & sides (including corn bread!) for just $22! Are you kidding me? I can't wait for Monday Night Football in September: Can you imagine?