Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Epicurean and Company Food Review

Fish and Fries

Extreme Letdown

Epicurean and Company is a do-everything eatery in an area (Van Ness-UDC) conspicuously void of good places to dine in. Buffet? Check. Sushi bar? Check. Bar bar? Check. Sandwiches, burgers? Check. Check. Fish and Chips? Sadly, after this particular order. Check.

Epicurean's fish has changed in appearance several times over the past few years. It used to be beer-battered, plentiful and delicious. About a year ago, it went from plentiful to two small pieces... but still tasty and beer-battered. Yesterday? We're down to one piece, fried to resemble everything (chicken tenders, etc.) else.

The space is, and always has been spotless. Everything is well-stocked and organized... coffee stirrers, napkins, sugar packets... everything. Even the buffet bar was full across the board (at 3:30 in the afternoon.) Given the time, I had to wait for the cook to appear; but the owner came over and apologized, and chatted with me while I waited. Five minutes later, I placed an order for Fish and Fries (new name, same affordable price - $6.59) I took my order to go, and the food held up well.

Unfortunately, the fish couldn't have gotten any worse... it was DOA to begin with. Impossibly thin (as if someone had tenderized the flesh) the fish was coated in an oily, thin layer of batter. I couldn't tell you what type of fish it was, but it was definitely greasy. Steak fries were overflowing (I'd have gladly traded some in for another piece of better fish.) You definitely get your money's worth; but I'd be happy to pay another dollar or two if they'd bring back the beer battered fish. Clean, spacious and laden with choices, Epicurean tries to do a lot of everything... perhaps too much. I've had many nice meals here, enough to overlook one bad piece of fish.