Sunday, July 7, 2013

Chicken Out Food Review

Fried Chicken Fillet Platter

It's been four weeks and a day since my last visit to Chicken Out in Spring Valley. Perhaps I'm a sucker for punishment, or maybe I just had to try their "crispy" fried chicken... Whatever the reason, it's safe to cross Chicken Out off my culinary list for at least the foreseeable future. Food can't be this ordinary.

Or can it? Chicken Out isn't necessarily bad. The space is still clean and inviting... with even better A/C than before (or was it simply hotter outside?) Service was with a smile, and included tableside delivery of a Fried Chicken Fillet Platter (with two sides and a biscuit) for $8.69: I even got a complimentary cup of water, to save a couple of bucks I'd normally spend on a soda.

The order taker asked if I would mind waiting 6-7 minutes for my order (fried chicken is cooked to order.) No problem. Little did I know, I'd be waiting for chicken tenders. Dry tenders with very little batter and no dipping sauce. When I hear "fried chicken" I think crispy, perhaps even crunchy. Chicken Out's is neither. Color me disappointed. I ate the smaller of two pieces, as well as my double serving of mash and yet another rock hard biscuit (who cooks these things?)

Business was better than last month's visit (I counted six people across four tables at 2:30 PM) but far from busy. You can't argue with the price (especially without the added cost of a pop) and the atmosphere is plenty nice. Unfortunately, the food isn't up to par... not even close.