Wednesday, June 19, 2013

M & N's Pizza Food Review

Small Sausage and Onion at M & N's Pizza

You've probably driven past it a thousand times... the brick "spaceship" with the dome top, known to Bethesda pizza aficionados as M & N's Pizza. I've always been drawn to its outdoor dining area with the tree canopy, and finally decided to take the plunge... with an early (5:00 PM) dinner. And am I glad I did!

My very first impression of M & N's was hot. The round interior is basically an oven; but one second with the amazingly friendly staff, and you don't feel the heat anymore. The owner was a joy to deal with. I ordered a small (10") sausage and onion pizza with a can of soda for $11.65 (including tax.) I told him I'd be sitting outside, and would come back in about 10 minutes.

Love the exterior!
I didn't have to go back, because the owner personally delivered my pizza (in a box) to me outside. I wound up back inside for another can of soda; and the owner held the door for me, and literally ran through the kitchen entrance to ring me up. A+ service.

The courtyard is a dreamy place to eat, especially when you're the only one out there: You literally feel like you're in someone's garden (save for the odd car horn along Old Georgetown Road.) My pizza looked amazing, and at 10" is plenty big for two people (three slices each.) The cheese is 100% natural and the sauce is the reddest, truest color of any I've seen on a pie in America. The crust was slightly underdone (not crispy) and the sausage pedestrian, but it arrived piping hot. I forgot to add red pepper flakes, and it affected the overall taste (the pizza needed salt or something.) Most importantly, it tasted great; and service/atmosphere was stellar. P.S. This place is an interesting hybrid, specializing in Indian food as well as pizza and subs. I'll definitely be back to grade their Kofta Curry (only $4.99) and Basmati rice.

Atmosphere: B (It really is hot inside; but once you sit outside, you're in for a treat.)
Crust: C (Needed a minute or two longer in the oven.)
Toppings: B+ (Sausage was disappointing, but plenty of it. Tomato sauce was to "die for.")
Service: A+ (If there's anyone nicer in Bethesda, I'd like to meet them.)
Value: B
Overall: B+ (What took me so long to get here?)