Monday, June 10, 2013

Kentucky Fried Chicken Food Review

What are those 11 secret herbs and spices anyhow? Kentucky Fried Chicken advertises its chicken as having a "one-of-a-kind taste," and truer words were never spoken. KFC does to chicken what Elvis did to rock 'n' roll... they've revolutionized it. I've tried every kind of fried chicken imaginable (some a lot fancier and more expensive) and still can't find anyone that comes close to Colonel Sanders.

Unfortunately, the only DC KFC is across town on Riggs Road, NE. Not even the Colonel's secret recipe would get me there; but I was willing to travel even further, to 70 North Glebe Road near Ballston Common Mall in Arlington. It's not much of a location, though relatively clean and bright. Service was quick, but I had to repeat my order thrice before the manager understood what I wanted (Talk about a language barrier.) Once I ordered my 2-piece Original dark meat meal with two sides and a drink for just $6.49, I began to get excited. So excited, that I added a boneless piece for just $1 (I simply had to try it.)

I grabbed a table and brought my tray of deliciousness over to devour. I chose cole slaw and mashed potatoes with gravy for my sides. Both were very good, although the mash was obviously warmed up in the microwave (the styrofoam cup was still steaming after I finished the potatoes.) The slaw beats any other fast food establishment (even Roy Rogers) but had a little bit of mayo liquid in the bottom afterwards. Then there's the chicken.

I can't say enough about the flavor on my Original leg and thigh. The skin isn't overly crispy, but you could literally sell it by itself. Of course, then you wouldn't have the sweet & tender meat underneath to round out the ultimate chicken experience. I don't know what else to say besides... KFC makes the best fried chicken in the world. It's one of those rare foods that makes you want to eat it faster. The boneless tender was pretty darn good, but noticeably colder and less bold in flavor. Still, it's nice to find a dark meat tender somewhere.

The only negative in an otherwise wonderful meal was the biscuit. It tasted of two days ago, and didn't deserve to be on the same plate as that awesome chicken. Techno music and Top 40 played twice as loud as it should have been; but aside from that, I was comfortable eating in. Here's hoping the Colonel moves to Cleveland Park sometime soon in the future... I may never eat anywhere else.