Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Flamers Burgers & Chicken Food Review

Double Burger Combo

I'm no fan of the food court at Union Station; but my Mom absolutely loves it (go figure!) She's especially fond of Flamers Burgers & Chicken, home to her sandwich of choice... the turkey burger. Since I tipped the scales at over 10 pounds when I was born, I'm pretty sure I owe her a million turkey burgers if she wants them; so if Mom says Union Station, Mom gets Union Station.

To be honest, the smile on Mom's face makes anything worth while... even if it's a subpar burger combo. But if Mom wasn't with me, I'd tell you that Flamers' double burger is nothing to write home about. Priced at just under ten bucks ($9.59 + tax) you get two burgers grilled WELL DONE on an admittedly tasty, grilled bun. Red onions were fresh and sliced perfectly, and the single tomato looked pretty good "on its own." The meat tastes like any brought-in variety you could find at a million other places. You get plenty of fries, but they're oily and blah: I managed to eat four of them. My regular soda was half-filled with ice and dried up faster than the Sahara dessert on a sunny day.

I won't touch on the food court's atmosphere (out of respect for my Mom) but I will tell you about the cook who made us wait a long time, and bossed me around from start to finish (including instructions on bringing over one plate at a time to our seats!) I could barely understand a word she said/barked; but knew better than to mess around with her. Even her assistant looked scared. To be fair, she smiled later on as we were leaving and thanked her. You have to be tough to survive the crowd at Union Station, so I should probably applaud her style instead of rebuking it.

Knowing Mom, we'll probably be back again... I'll be sure to order less (maybe just a charbroiled hot dog and a soda... no ice.)

Atmosphere: N/A
Burger: C- (Not terrible, but nothing I haven't had a thousand times before.)
Fries: D (Either I'm getting real picky of late, or these fries were awful.)
Service: C (I wasn't scared per se; but I did as I was told.)
Value: C
Overall: C (If Mom's happy, I'm happy.)