Saturday, June 29, 2013

Clyde's of Chevy Chase Food Review

Chef's Healthy Breakfast

It was time to celebrate my cousin Dean's birthday and Dean loves Clyde's of Chevy Chase, a last second winner over nearby Lia's (Clyde's 1 Chef Geoff's 0.) The three of us (Auntie Nessa too) made our way inside for Saturday brunch, electing to eat in the busier (and louder) main dining room upstairs.

I'm a big fan of Clyde's downstairs Race Bar... call it cozier; but Dean & Nessa preferred bigger & hopefully better, so who am I to argue? We were immediately seated smack in the middle of the spacious train-themed dining area. Our server arrived straight away and was courteous enough... but he looked unhappy and wound up bordering on unfriendly. Definitely not something I'm used to at Clyde's.


We put in an order for a Fried Calamari appetizer with red pepper aioli ($10.95) and answered yes to a request for bread. Clyde's bread is out of this world good... but color me disappointed with the pint-sized calamari. Ditto for the mayo-heavy aioli. Worst of all, we barely had any time to make a dent before our mains arrived (literally 2-3 minutes after we went to work on our app.) Timing 101: Give your customers enough time to finish one plate, before moving onto the next. Stranger still, my cousin ordered a hamburger well-done, so I assumed we had plenty of time. So much for strategy.

Fried Calamari

I honored the spirit of Brunch and had the Chef's Healthy Breakfast (two egg whites scrambled, chicken sausage, wheat toast and blueberry yogurt with homemade granola for $12.95.) Although I had few complaints about the quality of my dish, I can't say that I was impressed. My egg whites & sausage arrived ice cold, and I could argue that my sausage was undercooked (it certainly looked that way.) Toast is toast, and how hard is it to pour yogurt into a small ramekin and sprinkle granola on top? The butter & preserves took up almost a third of the plate: It desperately needed something more (potatoes are healthy, aren't they?) Not worth $13 if you ask me, sorry.

Clyde's makes sense for an occasional burger, but brunch is overpriced and far from memorable. Pair that with a decidedly older clientele, and I have to wonder if we wouldn't have been better off at Lia's.