Friday, June 7, 2013

Café Romeo’s Food Review

Café Romeo’s claims "There is a BIG difference between the big chains and independent pizzerias" and they're right. It begins (and ends) with choices... specifically the option to substitute spicy red pepper sauce (or garlic herb or pesto) for traditional tomato. It may not be one of the best pizzas around, but it's definitely the most customizable.

Still not convinced? How about three types of thin crust? You read right: Choose from spinach & herb, sun-dried tomato & basil or whole wheat. I ordered a small (10") pizza with sausage over the aforementioned red pepper sauce, via and utilized a $7 off coupon for first-time users (score!) Delivery was a super fast 31 minutes, despite Romeo's 2132 Wisconsin Ave., NW location being two miles away.

Romeo's charges only $7.50 for a small pie, and $10.80 for a large. Even better, most toppings for the small are only a buck (including sausage!) I paid $14 for a pizza, gyro platter, delivery and $3 tip all included. Good luck beating that anywhere else.

Food quality was pretty good. I forgot to specify a crust, and wound up with traditional (which was too thick for my liking.) The cheese was exceptional (did I mention you have seven choices for cheese?) and the red pepper sauce exciting and different. The sausage was nothing to write home about; but who can complain, when it's only $1 more? Overall, I was surprised and impressed. P.S. They stay open until 2:30 AM (Tuesday-Wednesday) 3:00 AM on Thursday and 4:00 AM Friday & Saturday. What's not to like?

Atmosphere: N/A
Choices: A+ (It's not a regular category, but you simply have to include it here.)
Crust: C (It's OK; but I'll pay attention next time, and order thin crispy.)
Toppings: B (Lots of choices, and the cheese is terrific.)
Value: B+ (Even without the coupon, it's a bargain.)
Overall: B (I'm tempted to go higher, but taste has to be the #1 criteria.)