Sunday, June 23, 2013

Arby's Fast Food Review

Arby's has been 'slicing up freshness' since 1964, and rarely have I walked away disappointed. They're a fast food rarity in so far as they don't sell burgers. No burgers? Before you go searching for your pitchforks and torches, please hear me out: Arby's doesn't need to... They do one thing, and they do it really well.

Arby's bread and butter is roast beef. They slice it thin, and often. A recent menu change had me second-guessing myself; but I managed to order a Giant Roast Beef sandwich and large Curly Fries. The cashier entered my order as a Large s'wich (for $4.99) but their website lists their available sizes as Classic, Mid and Max. Whatever its name, it was large and delicious as ever. Coupled with Arby's sauce (perhaps the single greatest condiment in the fast food biz) you'd be hard pressed to find a better sandwich on the quick. One small complaint: Arby's has ditched their foil wrappings for boxes. It's true what they say: Change gets harder as you get older... even when it's regarding fast food packaging.

No order at Arby's is complete without their famous Curly Fries (my local Giant Food sells 'em frozen, believe it or not.) Great seasoning with a killer bod (OK, that's creepy... let's change it to "interesting shape") these fries are second only to a fresh batch from McD's. Dipped in Arby's sauce (why doesn't Giant Food sell that?) they transform into little bites from Heaven. And yes, I take my french fries way too seriously. A 7 oz. large order sets you back just $2.09.

Customer service at the Rockville franchise is efficient, but far from friendly. The restaurant is fairly clean, but I have to comment on "the elephant in the room," Arby's public restroom: You have to go outside to access it. I make a habit of avoiding public bathrooms in general (especially at fast food establishments) but a virtual outhouse, frequently inhabited by area homeless? Surely you can do a lot better (not to mention safer) than that?