Monday, May 27, 2013

Potomac Pizza Food Review

Kyle's Hamburger

Potomac Pizza has four locations in Montgomery County, including Chevy Chase Center where I stopped in for a late (almost 3:00) lunch. It was nice to visit on a holiday (Memorial Day) as 19 Wisconsin Circle is usually filled with families (and noisy children.) I had my choice of tables, and grabbed a booth (#42) by the window. Let the feast begin.

My server immediately arrived, gave me a menu and took a drink order (Diet Coke.) I'd worked up quite an appetite and decided to order with my eyes instead of my head. I took advantage of their $9.99 lunch combo special (any sub, sandwich or wrap with your choice of sides and a small soda) and tossed in a slice of cheese pizza for good measure (overkill.) To his credit, my server offered to deliver my side of fries as an appetizer: I did him one better, and asked for my pizza slice instead. Kudos for thinking ahead... Most places aren't that considerate.

Pizza by the slice
Within minutes, my pizza arrived. At $2.99, I was expecting a larger slice; but I'm grateful now, considering how much food was still to come. Sadly, the pizza was plain awful: Do you remember Chef Boyardee? The crust was OK, but the cheese and sauce were clearly processed (and cold.) Thankfully, my fries arrived seconds after my pizza was put out of its (and my) misery. I had to ask if this was the right size... They should rename small as mountainous. Potomac Pizza's shoestring fries were golden colored and cooked perfectly (no reused oil here.) Crispy and delicious, they were the best part of the meal.

This is a small fries
It didn't take long to devour the fries, and on cue... my burger arrived. As if I hadn't eaten enough already, my burger came with potato chips: So much for dinner. The bun looked great and was nicely toasted. Unfortunately, it went downhill from there. I ordered it MEDIUM/MEDIUM-WELL but it was cooked WELL-DONE and then some. The patty was nicely sized but obviously frozen. As with the pizza, the burger tasted industrial (little flavor and no love.) I managed to finish 2/3 of it, but it was a disappointing end to my meal.

Service was stellar: My server had perfect timing, delivering each plate at exactly the right moment. The restaurant was clean, but eerily quiet: There was a college lacrosse game on the tube, but it was muted. No music either. My booth was comfortable, and there were only two kids in the whole place when I left (Potomac Pizza can be unbearable when full... of kids.) Best of all, my bill came to just $13.76 (including tax) for a ton of food (and a tall soda.) Bonus points for individual restrooms.

Atmosphere: B (A lot nicer with less diners.)
Burger: D (Great bun, but that's it.)
Fries: B+ (Tons of 'em, and cooked nicely.)
Pizza: D- (Disappointing)
Price: B+
Service: A-
Overall: B- (My best visit here in a long time.)