Friday, May 31, 2013

Popeye's Louisiana Kitchen Food Review

3-Pc. Chicken at Popeye's

DC doesn't leap to mind when you mention fried chicken; but there are some choices, if you're willing to look around. Popeye's Louisiana Kitchen is one of two fast food giants that skip burgers in favor of birds that go 'bawk.' Coupon in hand, I went in search of the best northern fried chicken in town.

My aforementioned coupon was for a 3-Pc. Chicken meal (Leg, Thigh & Wing) with a biscuit for $3.99 + tax. I reluctantly decided to skip my usual favorite here (mashed potatoes & cajun gravy) so I could concentrate solely on the chicken. I even decided to eat in (usually a no-no at the 4309 Wisconsin Ave., NW location, which runs a little hot sometimes. A/C please!)

I had a short wait, after I decided on a mild wing to go with my spicy leg & thigh. Oddly enough, when I sat down to eat... the wing was the spiciest of the three (go figure.) If I had my choice, I'd eat all legs (they're the easiest to handle, don't you think?) and that rang even truer, when I tried to consume a scalding hot thigh. How hot was it? The skin was actually melting off the meat (now that's hot.) Things got messy pretty fast, and I wound up leaving half the thigh on my plate box. Still, there's no denying it tastes pretty good... but far from memorable.

Memorable is reserved for Popeye's out of this world biscuits which are, in a word... scrumptious! Buttermilk never tasted so good. I also had an eye on a tasty looking dessert (baked/fried peach pie) but they run $1.49 (McD's sells two pies for a buck) so I passed. Perhaps I'll revisit, when I prepare my article on fast food desserts: I wonder if they give Pulitzers for covering that?


* Grade is for chicken only