Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Anatomy of a Cupcake at Cascade Café

Chocolate Eclair cupcake

My favorite art gallery (in town) is the National Gallery of Art... It's free, and includes some of the greatest paintings of all-time (including North America's only work by Leonardo da Vinci.) It also houses the beautiful Cascade Café in between the East and West Buildings. Although the food there is suspect at best, you can always count on a small selection of delectable cupcakes... if chicken tenders and pizza aren't your thing. Arriving just before their 3:00 closing time, a cupcake seemed my best and safest option.

I had a trio of cupcakes to choose from... Chocolate Eclair, Harvest and Red Velvet: I went with the former. All three choices looked delicious and were attractively priced ($2.95) to boot. Getting anything for under three bucks at Cascade is no easy task. Unfortunately, looks aren't everything; as I soon discovered after my first bite. I have two words for you... Rock and hard. If this cupcake was made today, then I have a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn.

The icing was cold and thick, and tasted of chocolate. The cake was dry and hard, and almost impossible to chew. This might be the first time I've never finished a cupcake. Not good.

Appearance: B (Looks good; Just don't eat it.)
Atmosphere: B+ (All cafeterias should look so nice.)
Cake: F (Inedible.)
Icing: C
Value: C-
Overall: F (The first time I've never finished a cupcake. Enough said.)