Sunday, December 2, 2012

Pizza and Tacos?

When I think of pizza, it's rarely packaged with a taco; but that's exactly what you find at Cafe Cantina, as confusing a hybrid as you're likely to find in Georgetown's crowded restaurant scene.

To be fair, Cafe Cantina is more of a quickie lunchspot than it is a restaurant; although it stays open until Midnight (3 AM Friday & Saturday.) As anyone who's ever been to Georgetown can testify, it's not easy finding someplace cheap to eat. Cafe Cantina is ... $2.99 for a slice of cheese pizza. Unfortunately, you get what you pay for. At 3:30 in the afternoon, the choices were slim; so I opted for the no-frills plain slice (see below.)

Cheese pizza at Cafe Cantina

It didn't take long (less than a minute) to get a piping hot slice. It's presented on two paper plates, which is good considering how messy it gets. The sauce was surprisingly rich, but the cheese was blah. On a cold day, it still manages to hit the spot; but I'd be hard pressed to remember it an hour later. Luckily for Cafe Cantina, it's ideally located at 3050 K Street just behind the new skating rink at Washington Harbour. I can't imagine planning a visit, but if you have a craving at 10:30 at night... it's hard to argue with five bucks for a slice and a pop.

: C (Always eat outside, if weather allows.)
Service: B (No small talk, but they get you in and out quickly.)
Crust: D- (Flimsy and tasteless)
Toppings: C- (A cheese pizza with below-par cheese... You tell me.)
Taste: C (They're halfway there with good sauce, but the cheese and crust muck it up.)
Overall: C- (Boring, yet gets the job done... especially late at night.)