Thursday, December 6, 2012

Green Eggs and Burgers Food Review

Green Eggs and New Digs

Outgoing and above all, friendly... Green Eggs and Burgers is the kind of business you can't help but root for. Formerly stationed at 4823 Rugby Avenue in Bethesda, the popular food truck has acquired new (and I think better) digs: GE&B now calls 7725 Old Georgetown Road home, at the corner of Old GT Rd. and Fairmont Avenue. I suppose it's only fitting that a food truck would set up shop at a former gas station; but it's a smart move when you consider the advantage of having automobile access in addition to the likely steady stream of nearby office workers on foot.

Logistics aside, what I really care about is the food. Green Eggs and Burgers gets automatic points for going organic (eggs, fries and beef) and extra credit for their chatty order taker, whose curbside service with a smile is a welcome break from the usual stodgy service you find in Bethesda.

In addition to all-day breakfast, GE&B serves up stellar burgers in 4, 8 and higher ounces. If two patties isn't enough, you can add as many as you'd like for $2.50 each. I can't imagine what that might look like, but more power to you if you can handle all that food. I went with two patties total, and couldn't have been happier. They had no problems handling my request for MEDIUM (and cooked it properly too) and packaged the whole lot to go, wrapped in foil and placed smartly in a styrofoam container for safe traveling. I'm keen to try their fresh cut fries, but I was already nearing full from an earlier slice of pizza (I've got to stop double dipping at lunch... these reviews are going to kill me.)

My Big Green Burger (see below) cost $7 and was well worth it. I asked for onions, tomatoes and catsup, which got sandwiched between a well-toasted bun that was just soft enough without falling apart (You can't have street food that's hard to handle.) It's not fair to draw comparisons, but it closely resembles Five Guy's in terms of appearance and taste. As with Five Guys, it tastes better than it looks... but isn't taste more important anyhow?

The Big Green Burger

It didn't take long to devour the whole thing. My only complaint is one you've heard from me before... Salt and pepper! The patties needed both, but maybe it's the kind of thing you have to ask for (I wish everyone did it automatically.) I've never been a big fan of food trucks, but it's hard not to like Green Eggs and Burgers. If they can manage to keep up the high energy level on display yesterday... in addition to the same high quality food standards, I may never eat inside again.

Atmosphere: D (It's a food truck, in a former gas station... How do you conquer that?)
Burger: B (May not be pretty, but tastes great.)
Fries: N/A (Next time!)
Price: B (You can get Little and Big Green Burger combos for $10 and $11 respectively.)
Service: A- (Order taker on the ground makes all the difference.)
Overall: B (For a food truck, I give it an A; but an overall B is high praise indeed.)