Thursday, December 6, 2012

Cutting Corners

The Corner Slice's Sausage and Pepperoni

It's not easy taste testing so-so pizza every other day. One day, it's bland sauce... the next, flimsy crust. For every Pete's Apizza... there are a dozen places like Bethesda's The Corner Slice... pretenders to the crown, whose pizza can best be described by words like average, pedestrian and uninspired.

The Corner Slice looks the part, I suppose. The 7901 Norfolk Avenue near the Woodmont Triangle is small in size, but efficiently spaced (they can pack quite a few folks inside and out.) The guys behind the counter resemble those you'd find in most New York neighborhood pizzerias... which isn't saying too much: I sometimes get the feeling that I'm bothering them when I order a slice or two. That said, they've never gotten one of my orders wrong... so who am I to judge them when it comes to personality?

The staff moves quickly; but if you finish up early, you can squeeze into the front corner and play a game of tabletop Galaga. That's assuming you have any change left... The Corner Slice is no bargain. I forked over $4.40 (including tax) for a slice of sausage and pepperoni (plain slices run a more reasonable $3.50.)

My pizza was equal parts good and average. First the good: The crust was nice and crispy (in fact, the pizza was straight as a board.) The sausage crumbles were both unique and plentiful. Now, the not so good: There was hardly any cheese or sauce on my slice... resulting in a pizza with little flavor. Ditto for the pepperoni, which I couldn't taste at all. About the only thing you do taste is sausage and fennel seeds (both of which I like.) In terms of size, The Corner Slice skews big.

It's not the kind of place I'd recommend, but if you live/work close-by... you could do worse than The Corner Slice.

Atmosphere: B- (For a small space, The Corner Slice utilizes every inch effectively. It definitely has an NYC vibe.)
Service: B- (Efficient, not much else.)
Crust: B (I actually dig the extra crispy crust. Nice thickness and easy to handle.)
Toppings: C- (I like the sausage, but there's not nearly enough cheese and sauce.)
Taste: C
Overall: C+ (Has potential, but lack of flavor ultimately holds it back.)