Friday, November 30, 2012

Pete's Apizza: The Perfect Slice

It doesn't get any better than Pete's New Haven Style Apizza. I'll put my namesake's pizza up against any parlor in town... and dare you to disagree. So what makes me an expert? Nothing I suppose, outside of the fact that I've consumed enough pies in my lifetime to make Mama Celeste blush with envy. All jokes aside, Pete's Apizza makes the best slice in the Washington Metropolitan area.

Everything about the Friendship Heights location at 4940 Wisconsin Avenue, NW is sublime. Big and spacious, the interior is immaculate. There's plenty of seating available (outside too, when the weather is nice.) Service couldn't be friendlier (warm welcome) or more efficient. Slice options are plentiful and beautifully displayed by the main register. For comparison sake, I went simple and ordered a slice of pepperoni (see above) for $3.03 after tax. No pennies? No problem, my kindly cashier took three bucks and even offered me a glass of water (maybe I looked thirsty?) I normally order one of their Puck's All-Natural Fountain Drinks, but I didn't want anything influencing my opinion (their sodas are amazing.)

I took a number to my table and waited a few minutes for my second lunch (Don't ask; It's not easy evaluating restaurants by my lonesome.) Another one of Pete's impecable employees delivered my hot-from-the-oven slice, which looked as delicious as it tasted. Seriously, the surface was literally glistening. The crust was just the right thickness (and perfectly cooked.) The sauce tastes of tomatoes (what a concept) and the cheese was... perfect (I think I need to buy a thesaurus.)

I devoured my slice lickety-split (see below) and didn't even have to clear my table. My only regret? I couldn't order an entire pie (next time.) Bathrooms are individual (awesome) and spotless (make sure to try the world's strongest hand dryer.) Prices are unbeatable and they offer all kinds of specials if you sign up for their e-mail club. I like to stay close to home, but they also have locations in Clarendon and Columbia Heights. I wish they'd move to Cleveland Park (preferably next door.)

A picture is worth a thousand words

Restaurant Atmosphere: A
Service: A+
Crust: A++
Toppings: A (Even better, when you customize a full pie.)
Taste: A+
Overall: A+ (One of DC's 10 best restaurants.)