Sunday, November 25, 2012

Palena Market: No Fluke

Everyone deserves a second chance... even when their first time at bat was a home run.  Two weeks ago, I tried the doughnuts at Palena Market and fell head over heels in love. I went back today, fully expecting another trip around the bases; I wasn't disappointed.

I played with fire a little bit, arriving an hour after Palena's 10 AM opening. Thankfully, the bar was still full (so to speak.) Three doughnuts remained, as well as a score of their delectable doughnut bites. Best of all, the bites actually went down in price (now five for a dollar.) I decided to cash in on the savings and splurge on an almond croissant for later ($2.25)

I'm fast falling in love with this place. Every neighborhood needs a good bakery to call its own, and while FireHook Bakery is plenty good... Palena's baked goodies rule the roost.

Before you start thinking I'm on the take, I did find something negative about Palena Market... Take away the baked items, and it's practically empty. Not big to begin with (a few shelves is all) there's no excuse to leave them empty. Oils, preserves, vinegars... There's no shortage of potential, but Palena oddly chooses to leave them bare. Hey Palena, fill 'er up! Unless you're baking of course (wink.)