Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Eggspectation Food Review

Eggspectation's Classic Burger

Great Eggspectations?

Silver Spring doesn't leap to mind when I think burgers, but Eggspectation at 923 Ellsworth Drive may change my mind. The popular and attractively designed restaurant offers stiff competition to its more casual rival The Stage Burger Lounge... not to mention another choice for yours truly, when I visit the nearby AFI Silver Theatre.

I was pleasantly surprised when I walked inside. I was immediately greeted by a friendly host and escorted to a nice looking table in the middle of the dining area, overlooking the kitchen. The decor is comforting, yet confusing. Warm, working fireplaces and wall-to-wall bookcases are surrounded by visible (impossible to miss) A/C ducts. Think 1/2 log cabin, 1/2 NYC loft apartment. It's odd, but I liked it.

Menus are laminated and frayed (that's code for tacky.) My server, Paul was enthusiastic (perhaps a bit too enthusiastic) and polite. I ordered a Classic Burger (lettuce, tomato & red onions, with fries for $10.99) and a Diet Pepsi (no Coke) for another $2.89. My soda was flat; but I was impressed with the burger, a legit 1/2 pounder cooked perfectly and tucked inside a delicious looking brioche bun. Fries were good and well seasoned... Unfortunately the burger wasn't, but that's the only negative I could find. I even liked the rectangular plates. Paul checked in on me four times, the third time while I was in mid-bite. A for effort, D for timing; but you can't fault his effort.

I'd definitely come back, perhaps to try one of their famous all-day breakfast dishes (although they're a tad pricey.)

Atmosphere: B
Burger: B (Brioche bun is fantastic, but burgers need generous seasoning.)
Fries: B (No complaints.)
Service: B- (A for effort, but learn when to lay low.)
Value: B- ($20 for a burger, fries, soda and tip is a little high.)
Overall: B (A nice addition to the Silver Spring dining scene.)