Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Bobby's Burger Palace Food Review

Meet the King of Burgers

I know hamburgers. So does Bobby Flay (perhaps even more than yours truly.) Flay opened Bobby's Burger Palace a little more than a year ago, and I'm here to tell you... It's the best pseudo-fast burger in D.C. Period!

I've eaten here close to a dozen times, and all but one visit has been ultra-satisfying. Located just east of Washington Circle at 2121 K Street, Bobby's Burger Palace fills a void in the Foggy Bottom area (great news for GW students.) BBP offers an affordable menu consisting of 10 burgers, a couple of salads, a grilled cheese sandwich and three sides (onion rings, fries and sweet potato fries.) Simple, but well executed: What more can you ask for?

The service is super-efficient, beginning with genuinely friendly cashiers/order-takers. Place your order, take a seat at the serpentine counter or family-style tables (BBP seats 76) and minutes later, your food is delivered... with a smile. Don't ask how the GM gets all his/her employees to smile... It must be magic. Burgers are cooked perfectly to order (save once, when it came out bloody) and taste succulent and delicious. The fries are properly portioned (no Five Guys leftovers here) but what they lack in number, they more than make up for in taste. The fry sauce is yummy, and there's plenty of other choices tableside (I recommend the chipotle ketchup.) Onion rings are good, not great; and the sweet potato fries are... sweet potato fries (I ordered them once, and that's enough.)

Prices are reasonable: Most burgers run $7.75, but you can get the Palace Classic for a buck less. Fries and rings cost $3. A shake will set you back $5, but I've yet to have room for one. Bathrooms are clean, as is the entire restaurant. There's a nice vibe to the place, but I prefer to avoid the lunch crowd (lines move quickly, but are often long.) Five Guys gives more value for the dollar, but can't compare in taste. Plan accordingly.

Atmosphere: B+
Burger: A
Fries: A-
Price: B
Overall: A- (Love, love, love 'em.)