Friday, September 14, 2012

Don't Blink; You Might Just Miss It

Friday and Saturday nights used to mean dinner and a movie; but if you plan on catching The Dark Knight Rises at AMC's Uptown Theater, don't be late... Evidently, the Uptown doesn't believe in second chances. Effective today, Batman is down to one show only (7:30 PM) at the historic theater in Cleveland Park.

Why no love for the Caped Crusader? Well for one thing, Dark Knight Rises has been out since July 20th and demand isn't what it used to be (TDKR finished in 10th place last weekend.) Toss in the cavernous size of the Uptown (it's the only area theater with a balcony) and an apparent tightening of the belt by AMC (A/C isn't cheap) and it's a wonder they even open up at all.

There've been rumors of the Uptown closing (relax, only rumors) but I can't imagine Connecticut Avenue without the grandest movie house in town. After spending a fortune on a new 3D projector and screen back in December 2010, it seems a shame not to show it off more than once a day. Let's hope the powers that be, come up with a better game plan than this week's schedule.