Saturday, June 4, 2022

John Dough Pizza Co. Food Review

Pepperoni Pizza at John Dough Pizza Co.

Another day, another (mediocre) pizza. Covering Awesome Con can "work up" quite an appetite, so it's important to have quality options for a late afternoon lunch at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center. The line for Ben's Chili Bowl was discouragingly long, but not so much at nearby John Dough Pizza Co. In fact, no one was in line... which might explain the aforementioned mediocre moniker.

I take no joy in posting negative food reviews. After all, I'm the one who has to eat the food. Options are slim. Cheese or pepperoni, about 10" round, cut in quarters. Sharing isn't a viable option (unless you're on a diet) but plan on forking over $12.50 for flavorless pepperoni and low-grade cheese atop a thin, underdone crust with little-to-no tomato sauce. Are you drooling yet? Probably not.

It's also lukewarm, bordering on cold. They kept a stack of 'em by the cash register, which doesn't exactly scream "hot pizza!" The crust is underdone throughout, with a slight char (and heavy dusting of flour) along the edge of the bottom. Plenty of cheese, but it's utterly unremarkable. Worst of all, there's almost no sauce, and what little there is looks dry (and predictably tasteless.) The pie needs better ingredients and at least two more minutes (in a way hotter oven.)

Thankfully, the transaction was fairly quick. And why shouldn't it be, since the pies aren't cooked to order? Only a few words were spoken by a pair of unenthusiastic cashiers, but I was impressed by a number of employees straightening up the condiments/napkins station. If only they put the same effort into their food.

Atmosphere: B (Slick name and packaging.)
Service: C-
Taste: D (See above.)
Value: D (Mediocre (at best) pizza shouldn't cost a lot.)
Overall: D (One and (under)done.)