Monday, January 6, 2020

PLNT Burger Invites Next Round of Beneficiaries for Its “Friendraisers” Events

From our friends at PLNT Burger...

Since its grand opening on September 12, 2019, PLNT Burger continues to give back to the community by hosting weekly events at their restaurant located inside Whole Foods Market in Silver Spring. These “Friendraisers” invite a different community partner each week to enjoy a delicious plant-based meal on Monday and Tuesday evenings from 6-8 PM. As we head into the New Year, PLNT Burger will continue to host these Friendraisers, welcoming more beneficiaries to their roster of community partners.

Dedicated to empowering others to “eat the change” with the delicious foods they love and crave, Chef Spike Mendelsohn's PLNT Burger delivers the American classics people love and crave (i.e. mouth watering burgers, fries, shakes and more!) that are also 100% plant based.

How it works: After confirming their participation, the organization/community partner sends out an email and social media notifications inviting supporters and neighbors to attend the Friendraiser. PLNT Burger then reserves two tables and creates a promotion (usually a free soft-serve ice cream cone or free french fries with a burger) prior to  donating 20% of all proceeds from the two events to the community partner. PLNT Burger also offers customers the ability to ‘eat the change’ at the register by rounding up the difference on their bill to the next dollar and donating the change to the community organization.

Hannah Sholder, founder and director of Land Stewardship at the Charles Koiner Center for Urban Farming (CKC) commented: “PLNT Burger has created an informal nonprofit hub. The food council, CKC, Manna and Impact all work together formally, but having a space to chat more informally over good food, and with the PLNT team, has been a godsend. There are so many new and creative ideas coming out of these Friendraiser gatherings!”

In the past eight weeks the restaurant has hosted seven local organizations ranging from Poplar Springs Animal Sanctuary to local schools to local farms, and the local synagogue whose Rabbi Shmuel Herzfeld provided the kosher certification for the restaurant. “The Talmud says one good deed leads to another good deed. We are honored to encourage our congregants to support PLNT Burger because their bottom line is not just cash, but creating a stronger local community and meaningful positive changes in the world.”

Jonah Goldman, the strategic marketing director at PLNT Burger said of the "Friendraiser" program: “This is a phenomenal way for us to highlight the important work of local organizations as well as support them financially. We love being ‘planted’ in Silver Spring and I am so proud that we have already been able to contribute over $6,000 through these events to the phenomenal people who do important work in the world, while simultaneously helping people live better lives and democratizing a plant-based diet for all. We look forward to hosting more good people and encourage everyone to help us find the next 7 charities to support. ”

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