Friday, November 22, 2019

PLNT Burger Food Review

PLNT Burger

Spike Mendelsohn makes a mean burger (Exhibit A: Good Stuff Eatery, yum) but replicating that magic with plants in place of meat? That's gonna require some sort of miracle. Enter PLNT Burger into the (literally) crowded Whole Foods Market in downtown Silver Spring. It's surroundings may not be perfect, but you're gonna flip over how good the food tastes.

Atmosphere: It's tucked inside the front of a busy, noisy Whole Foods. It deserves (much) better. That said, the super friendly staff works overtime to make the best of an otherwise less-than-perfect situation.

Bloomies (and Sir Kensington Ketchup!)

Food: If you frequent our site, you must know we eat a lot of burgers. Lots and lots of burgers. But this is our first review of one made with Beyond Meat. Much to our surprise, it was delicious. The texture is identical to a regular burger (that's important) and super juicy, which works doubly well with lettuce & tomato. The potato bun is nice & soft, but the star of this show is the secret PLNT sauce. I literally dare you to tell the difference between a (really good) hamburger and a PLNT burger. The fact that it comes from a tiny kitchen in the middle of a bustling grocery store is nothing short of amazing.

Almost as good, PLNT Burger's Bloomies, which resemble tiny reincarnations of the Bloomin' Onion at Outback Steakhouse. Not as greasy mind you, but way, way healthier, with tons of authentic onion flavor (and none of the bad seasonings.) Every burger joint in town should copy this idea. It's genius.

Also worth noting, Wavy Sweet Potato Fries ($4.25) which are baked to perfection with lots of flavor and zero oiliness. I could literally eat a bag full of 'em, but I had to settle for the samples offered by one of PLNT Burger's clever employees. Next time, I promise.

Wavy Sweet Potato Fries

Service: Sooo nice. I told the young lady behind the counter that this was my first visit, and she took great delight in taking me through the ins & outs of healthy eating. Not preachy, mind you. Just super nice. She also offered me a sample of their Wavy Sweet Potato Fries, which are now on my list (to order) for next time. Smart and friendly. Killer combo.

Shazam Test: Fat chance.

Value: $6.95 for a delicious burger (that's good for you) and under five bucks for an order of mini bloomin' onions. What more can you ask for? How 'bout a 10% coupon for next time. These guys think of everything.

Bottom Line: I came in with zero expectations, and walked away with a big smile on my face. I also told everyone how surprisingly good my burger was. You can't buy that kind of positive feedback. You can only earn it, and PLNT Burger did just that (and then some.) I can't wait to go back.