Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Del Monte Foods, Inc. Launches Veggieful Bites

From our friends at Del Monte Foods...

Del Monte Foods, Inc. Launches Veggieful Bites, a Delicious and Unexpected Way to Eat Vegetables

Savory and nutritious snack stands out in the frozen aisle

Del Monte Foods, Inc. today announced another new snacking innovation, Veggieful Bites. A savory blend of veggies and real cheese baked in a crust with cauliflower, Veggieful Bites is a seriously tasty way to eat your vegetables. The product comes in three flavors: Broccoli and Cheddar, Spinach and Feta, Veggie and Mozzarella.

Veggieful Bites contain a full serving of vegetables in every five bites, provide nine grams of protein and are made with real cheese without artificial preservatives or flavors. Made with a whole wheat and cauliflower crust, the dough is what sets them apart from competitors, creating a bite that is deliciously tender and satisfying. Veggieful Bites are a craveable snack that provide a convenient meal solution that people can feel good about eating.

"We are excited to grow the frozen snack category with Veggieful Bites to revitalize the notion that nutrition and great taste can coexist in the frozen aisle," said Liam Farrell, VP of Brand Marketing for Del Monte Foods. "Del Monte first and foremost keeps consumers' ever-changing needs in mind when developing new products. In a fast and mobile world, we envision Veggieful Bites as a delicious and nutritious option that can be everyone's first choice for a party snack, holiday appetizer, and more."

Veggieful Bites is the third of Del Monte Foods new snacking innovation products to be released this year, following Bubble Fruit and Fruit Crunch Parfait. Consumers can expect to see further developments from the 130-year-old heritage brand as it continues to diversify outside the canned food aisle and into the snack, refrigerator and frozen aisles of grocery stores.

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