Sunday, June 16, 2019

Roy Rogers (Rockville) Food Review II

Texas Pete Spicy Chicken Sandwich & Holster Fries

Yesterday's late lunch at Roy Rogers was this close to perfect, save for an irksome issue with Roy's free Wi-Fi, which requires a third-party sign-up and verification that didn't come until after I left the restaurant. Tech glitches aside, Roy's retains its lofty status as our choice for Best Fast Food, an honor it's held for over four years running, based on delicious burgers/sandwiches, top notch sides and an easy-going style that says, "Sit down and stay awhile."

Atmosphere: Nice & quiet (late in the day, after 3:00 PM) with only a few customers. Good air conditioning and clean tables, but messy/sticky floors around the Coca-Cola Freestyle machines.

Cole Slaw

Food: It's not often that I don't have a Hamburger (or two) at Roy's, but how do you say no to the Texas Pete Spicy Chicken Sandwich? It's relatively bare (Monterey Jack cheese and a spicy chili pepper sauce) but really tasty. The bun's buttered, soft and sturdy (as in doesn't break apart) protecting a crispy fried chicken patty with flaky breast meat and a slow-building chili pepper sauce that lingers for a minute or two. Looking back, I could have easily added lettuce & tomato from the Fixin's Bar, but I forgot. Please note: Sauce comes on the side, so you can control the heat. I used very little (15%?) and still felt it, so don't dump the whole container's worth on your sandwich.

Even better, Roy's Cole Slaw, which was cold & creamy with zero excess mayo on the bottom of a (soon-to-be-empty) cup. Feel free to order multiple sides, since they're practically all delicious. Speaking of, my Holster Fries were good, but not great. Warm (not hot) but nicely salted and oil-free. Bad ones? You know, dirty/overcooked. Three, which is acceptable.

Service: Ordered ahead (via the app) and only had to wait a couple of minutes. Super nice server too.

Shazam Test: No music, just the College World Series (at very low volume) on an overhead TV.

Value: I like the ability to customize combos (Holster Fries, Regular Soda) and $7.59 is a fair price for a combo meal (one side + soda.) The app also allows you to add a second side (in my case, Cole Slaw) for only $1.89, which is $.40 less than the regular price. Three cheers for the Roy's app.

Bottom Line: I admit, Roy's is a sentimental favorite; but it's still one of the best traditional (burgers, fries, etc.) fast food options out there. Why else would I travel 10 miles for lunch?