Friday, December 14, 2018

The Quake Movie Review

Edith Haagenrud-Sande stars in The Quake

Alternative Theories

IMDb Plot: In 1904, an earthquake of magnitude 5.4 on the Richter scale shook Oslo, with an epicenter in the "Oslo Graben," which runs under the Norwegian capital. There are now signs that indicate that we can expect a major future earthquake in Oslo. Directed by John Andreas Andersen.

"Maybe things will go better this time?" A second natural disaster, only three years after the well-received The Wave might seem excessive, but leave it to Andersen to one-up Roar Uthaug with The Quake. The first hour sets a compelling backdrop, focusing on a hero's (Kristoffer Joner) paranoia & seclusion, and the possibility of yet another calamity. This includes an emotional visit from his daughter Julia that ends in (pun intended) disaster, before shifting (yes, another pun) into full-on catastrophe mode. John Christian Rosenlund's cinematography is nothing short of breathtaking, and the quake itself... spectacular (on a small budget.)

Grade: B+