Saturday, March 31, 2018

New Chefs on the Block Movie Review

Rose's Luxury's Aaron Silverman stars in New Chefs on the Block

Striving for Excellence

Rotten Tomatoes Plot: This documentary follows two chefs in Washington, DC, as they open their first restaurants. While one finds success and is named Bon Appetit Magazine's Best New Restaurant in America, the other encounters greater difficulties in the cutthroat business. Directed by Dustin Harrison-Atlas.

"Open a restaurant... you better know what you're doing." The principals featured in New Chefs on the Block (Frankly... Pizza's Frank Linn & Rose's Luxury's Aaron Silverman) tackle numerous (and often costly) obstacles en route to opening their first restaurants. Their budgets (and subsequent paths) are different, but they share a passion & resilience for the "making people happy business" that's equal parts endearing and motivational. Linn's especially colorful... and humble, "Thank the Lord for family," and his story steals the show. So much so, I'm planning a visit this afternoon, to taste the fruits of his labor. Win-win.

Grade: B

Catch New Chefs on the Block exclusively at Landmark E Street Cinema & Landmark Bethesda Row on Wednesday, April 4th. Click here (E Street) & here (Bethesda) for showtimes/tickets. You can also click here to pre-order the film on iTunes.