Thursday, January 4, 2018

Marine Corps Heritage Foundation Announces New Governors Council Members

From our friends at the Marine Corps Heritage Foundation...

Appointees from 50 States and Four Territories Represent Marine Corps Heritage Foundation

Launched in 2005, the Governors Council is a fifty-state initiative to locate every member of the United States Marine Corps, past and present, and their families, giving them the opportunity to be acquainted with the Marine Corps Heritage Foundation (MCHF), National Museum of the Marine Corps and Marine Corps Heritage Center.

Since the creation of the Council, the Foundation has worked with governors from every state and territory to appoint a knowledgeable representative to serve as the connection between local Marines and the MCHF, dedicated to preserving the legacy of the Marine Corps. Each liaison receives briefings on the Foundation and Museum’s activities, information to distribute to local Marines and Marine Corps families, and invitations to represent their state at Foundation events.

As fewer Americans serve in uniform, the need to preserve and promulgate the history, traditions and culture of the Marine Corps remains critical. The Museum will always serve as the nation’s greatest resource for accomplishing this mission for Marines and all Americans alike.

As of today, nearly all 50 states, the District of Columbia and Guam have committed to name a liaison, if one is not already serving. This fall, the MCHF Governors Council proudly welcomed 17 new members representing Arkansas, Connecticut, the District of Columbia, Guam, Illinois, Louisiana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Rhode Island, Washington, Wisconsin and Wyoming. Over half of the current liaisons are veterans, at least 25 of whom are Marines.

“It was my honor to serve this country as a United States Marine and I am further honored to assist the Marine Corps Heritage Foundation in its mission to promulgate the history and traditions of the U.S. Marine Corps and our phenomenal Marine Corps Museum. I have visited it and the experience was incredible. I would recommend to every Marine and their family to tour the Museum and have lunch at the Tun Tavern,” said David Ossian, Nebraska’s newly appointed councilmember.

The Foundation thanks every member of the Governors Council for volunteering their time and energy to furthering its mission.

New members of the Marine Corps Heritage Foundation’s Governors Council include:

• Paul Garrett, USMC (Vet.), Marine Corps League Little Rock Detachment 532

• Sal V. Sena, Sr., USMC, Marine Corps League Department of Connecticut

• Ely S. Ross, USMC (Ret.), Mayor’s Office of Veteran Affairs, District of Columbia

• Alan G. Van Aken, CWO4, USMC (Ret.), Third Marine Division Association representing Guam

• Anthony Vaughn, USMC (Ret.), Illinois Department of Veteran Affairs

• Thomas E. Green, USMC,  1969-1976, Louisiana Department of Veteran Affairs, Veterans Action Coalition of Southwest Louisiana

• David T. Ossian, USMC (Ret.), Midwest Division Marine Corps League, Nebraska

• Gary Armstrong, USMC (Ret.), Department of Nevada Marine Corps League

• Ray Seva, Department of Veteran Services, New Mexico

• Master Sgt. Paul Romesser, USMC (Ret.), New York Department of Veteran Affairs

• Larry Hall, Secretary, North Carolina Dept. of Military & Veterans Affairs - Angella Dunston,  Designee

• Sean McCarthy, Ohio Department of Veteran Services

• Nicole Hoeft, Oregon Department of Veteran Affairs

• David Rothermel, USMC (Ret), Rhode Island Office of Veteran Affairs

• Larry Alcantara, USMC (Ret.), representing Washington State

• Steven Janke, USMC (Ret.), Wisconsin Department of Veteran Affairs

• John Hursh, representing Wyoming

The Governors Council consists of representatives from each state and four territories. While veteran status is not a prerequisite for membership, 56 percent of the council is comprised of veterans; 35 percent of the Council from the Marine Corps.

About the Marine Corps Heritage Foundation:
Dedicated to preserving and promulgating Marine Corps history, traditions and culture, the Marine Corps Heritage Foundation was established in 1979 as a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. The Foundation supports the historical programs of the Marine Corps in ways not possible through government funds. The Foundation provides grants and scholarships for research, and the renovation and restoration of historical Marine Corps artifacts and landmarks. Having secured the necessary funding for the completion of the construction of the National Museum of the Marine Corps and Heritage Center, located in Triangle, Virginia, the Foundation’s current primary mission is to vigorously seek financial support to provide continued leadership, strategic direction and financial oversight in supporting and expanding programs at the National Museum of the Marine Corps and beyond its walls. For more information, visit