Thursday, August 10, 2017

The Fancy Schmancy Co. Launches in DC, and Cheese Rejoices

From our friends at The Fancy Schmancy Co....

DC-Based Company The Fancy Schmancy Co., a Union Kitchen Accelerator Member, Launches with Their First Product Line, Curious Crackers

Co-founders Kathleen Tozzi and Svetlana Bautista are on a mission to help you throw an awesome party, or at least make the cheese and crackers you’re eating for lunch feel a little more like a party. Kathleen is the ultimate hostess and culinary creative and Svetlana a busy new mom who likes to keep things lovely and stress-free. The duo of lady bosses and food mavens met over a decade ago stocking shelves, stacking vegetables and slinging cheese, while leading teams in the world of natural and organic food retail. Now, they use their food and hospitality experience to make organic and creative entertaining easy. In August, they will launch The Fancy Schmancy Co., producing creative accompaniments for entertaining and everyday that are simple, wholesome and really fun.

The first Fancy Schmancy products to launch will be their line of Curious Crackers. Available in five intriguing flavors and unique shapes, Curious Crackers  are perfect for salads, soups and snacks. They can be arranged on a cheese board or tossed in greens as a crouton replacement to make your salad pop. Varieties include heart-shaped Ginger + Beet which are the perfect vessel for fresh goat cheese, Cocoa + Spice that are like a grown-up graham cracker, and their signature Butter + Oat stars that couldn’t be cuter on a kale salad or tomato soup. There are also two plant-based crackers, designed not just for the Vegan Schmegan crowd. All Curious Crackers are made with high quality certified organic ingredients and whole grains.

CEO and Co-founder, Kathleen Tozzi wants to inspire creative and wholesome entertaining through food. “It is my personal mission to feed people with creativity and joy. We started The Fancy Schmancy Co. to inspire others to create and share good food with us. It is our way of showing how wholesome food can be playful too. And we just love to throw a good party!”

The Fancy Schmancy Co. is a member of Union Kitchen’s Accelerator Program. Over the past four and a half years, Union Kitchen has worked to support the growth and success of local food businesses. What started out as a shared commercial kitchen space has evolved into a line of businesses that all serve the same purpose - to build and sustain a local food economy. The full line of Curious Crackers will be available for purchase at both Union Kitchen Grocery locations.

“We are very proud and excited to be part of the Union Kitchen Accelerator Program and beginning our entrepreneurial journey here in DC. The food and business community here is so vibrant. We cannot wait to bring a little more joy to your table. Let’s get schmancy!”

To learn more about The Fancy Schmancy Co., please contact Kathleen Tozzi at (401) 743-3293 or or visit the website at

About The Fancy Schmancy Co.:
The Fancy Schmancy Co. inspires creative and wholesome entertaining through food. They produce creative accompaniments for entertaining and everyday that are simple, wholesome and really fun. Their products are made with high quality, certified organic ingredients with unique flavors and design. The company is based in Washington, DC.