Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Herr's Potato Chips Review

Herr's may not be as popular as fellow Pennsylvania chip maker UTZ; but make no mistake, they taste a heck of a lot better. So what's it gonna be? More delicious or more famous? I'll take the tastier option any day of the week (and twice on Sunday.) We love their popcorn and Potato Stix too; but for the purposes of this review, let's concentrate on chips, chips, chips.

Old Bay Hot: My only complaint? They're not kettle cooked. Other than that, close-to-perfect. As if Old Bay seasoning wasn't good great enough, it's now even hotter. Hip hip hooray! Be warned, that extra heat amps up the sodium count (450mg per 13 chips) but then again, these are not potato chips... not baked taters. Great crunch for a thin chip, and loaded with flavor. Highly addictive.

Grade: A-

Old Bay Hot

BBQ Potato Chips: Old Bay Hot may be the most addictive, but Herr's classic BBQ Chips taste the best. Lots (and lots) of zesty barbecue flavor, that results in lots (and lots) of empty bags. Minimum crunch, but enough to keep you coming back for more. Sense a pattern?

Grade: A-

BBQ Potato Chips

Honey BBQ: Love the new packaging (arrivederci graffiti) and the wide ripples. Light on flavor (sweet > spicy) but crunchy and plenty tasty. Bonus: A whopping 600mg (17% DV) of potassium per 1.875 oz. bag.

Grade: B

Honey BBQ

Kettle Cooked Cracked Pepper & Sea Salt: Evidently, they can't all be winners. The ratio between salt and pepper is way off... in "favor" of the latter, which results in a disappointingly bitter taste. They're also relatively thin for a kettle cooked chip: I thought these were supposed to be thick cuts of potato, what gives? Pass.

Grade: D-

Kettle Cooked Cracked Pepper & Sea Salt

Lattice Cut Kettle Chips: Want crunch? Look no further than Herr's Lattice Cut Kettle Chips. You won't find a crunchier chip anywhere. Fun to look at (and strong) with zero oiliness and just the right amount of saltiness. Great for dipping too.

Grade: A

Lattice Cut Kettle Chips

Original Crisp 'N Tasty Potato Chips: Herr's "starter" chip is far from boring, despite a noticeable lack of saltiness. Each chip is packed with crunch and natural potato flavor... not to mention a healthy 350mg of potassium per tasty ounce.

Grade: B

Original Crisp 'N Tasty Potato Chips